Fourways Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installations, Part Of The Compre Prime Air Conditioning Services Range. Here At Compre Air Our Air Conditioning Installers. Have The Expertise To Help You Choose The Best Air Conditioner. They’re Expert Installers Of Domestic Or Commercial Ac System. Your Investment And Trust In Us Is Something We Don’t Take Lightly. That’s Why We Provide Our Clients With A 1-Year Installation Warranty. What This Means Is. Should Anything Go Wrong Within That Period, We Will Come Out And Repair Or Replace At No Extra Charge To You. Also, If You Sign Up For A 2-Year Maintenance Contract, We Will Add 2 Years To Your Warranty.

Why Professional Installation Is Important

There are many professionals in Johannesburg offer air con installation services. But, when it comes to installing aircons. It must get done by a professional with years of experience. There are reasons for this. Starting with an expert installation will ensure your investment gets protected. According to experts, the vast majority of problems that develop. In most air-conditioning units after just a few months. Come from incorrect installation or cutting corners. For one reason or the other which causes problems.

ACSA Aircon Specialists will go to your home or business. To assess your needs or the needs of your business. The Aircon Installer will assess. And take all factors that impact on your indoor temperature. This includes room size. Layout. And orientation. Presence. Roofing Insulation. Many floors. Glass Area. And other factors needed to calculate the amount of heat produced.Once you’re happy with your quote. Your MacRamos Air Conditioning Installation Specialist. Will arrange a suitable installation time and date for you. They will arrive on time.

Once your Air Conditioning Installation is complete. Your MacRamos Aircon Installer will program your controller to suit your needs. They will also show you how to operate your new air conditioner. And answer any remaining questions you may have. Leaving you with a detailed manual.

Types Of Air Conditioners

When it comes to Air Conditioning Systems there are three main categories. These are Unitary or Monoblock Systems. Split Systems and Multi-Split Systems. Air Conditioning Installations When you need a Split Air Ducted. Cassette, Under Ceiling, VRF. Floor Standing, Roof Top or Window Air Conditioning systems. Installed for your home or business. We’re the right people to call. We will answer all your questions. Carry out work to industry standards and do our best to ensure you are  satisfied with the result. Were authorized dealers of Samsung, Jet-Air

Types Of Commercial Air Conditioners in Fourways

Cassette AC

Cassette Air Conditioning

The Ceiling Mounted Cassette Air Conditioning Fourways Is A Powerful System. That Delivers Clean, Heated Or Cooled Air Into Any Home, Office, Retail Centre Or Building. This Under Ceiling Air Conditioner Is Mainly Noticed In Open-Plan Offices With Suspended Ceilings.

Ducted AC

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Fourways Consists Of A Heat Exchanger Located Outside. With Ducts Constructed From Flexible Cylindrical Tubes Hidden From Plain Sight. Located In Ceiling Voids. Delivering Clean Air and comfortTo Many Rooms or open spaces throughout a building.

Evaporative AC

Evaporative Cooler

An Evaporative Cooling Fourways Uses Evaporation To Efficiently Reduce The Temperature. Of Your Inside Air. It Has A Water Reservoir, A Fan And A Thick Pad With Some Additional Items. Warm Air Moves In And Travels Through The Pads. This Causes The Air Temperature Inside The System To Drop.

Split AC

Split Air Conditioning

Split Air Conditioning Fourways Is Available For Home Or Office Without Any Ductwork. They Are An Ideal Choice For Their Heating And Cooling Features. They are Available In 9000, 12 000, 18 000 And 24 000 BTU With Inverter Or Non-Inverter Units.


VRF Air Conditioning

VRF Air Conditioning Fourways System Automatically Adjusts The Temperature. According To The Amount Of People Within The Given Space. Mainly Used In Multi Level Buildings, Hotels And Hospitals. It consists Of One Or Many Indoor Units.

Window AC

Window Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning Fourways. Operates Quietly, And Delivers Clean Air To Any Reasonably Sized Room In Your Home Or Office. Requires A Window Opening Or Wall Cavity On Outside Wall To Ensure The Condenser Gets Rid Of The Heated Air.

Before You Buy, Consider This

How awesome would life be if you could walk into a shop and buy any air conditioning system. Knowing it would work no matter what size the room. It would be energy efficient. Need little maintenance, make no noise and have an excellent air filter. But that does not exist. So here are four important factors to consider. When buying your air conditioning system.


Good Filter

A Good Filter is one factor often overlooked. But one of the most important considerations to consider is that’s why we made it number one. A good air filter does many things, it can save you up to 10{09776fe76f60f7c223cd19a0abee2a924f65359c3098c5abd2cc2567d0f27c14} on energy us. It will extend the lifespan of your unit and most importantly it will ensure the cycled air is clean and dust free.


Room Size

Room size or size of area is also critical because if you get an aircon unit that’s too small. It won’t be affective and will cost you a fortune on electricity. Get one too big and it won’t dehumidify properly and switch on and off too often. Choose an air conditioning system that matches the size of your room. Also, pay attention to the amount of people and devices.


Inverter Non-Inverter

The today’s question to go Inverter or Non-Inverter? Let’s explain the difference. Inverter air conditioning systems adjust the refrigerant flow. To control the cooling or heating capacity as needed. Eliminating the frequent stop, start cycles. Non-Inverters switch off once the desired room temperature is, reached. Switching on again when temperature changes.


Noise Control

Lastly, we have Noise Control. The last thing I presume you want is an air conditioning system. That keeps you up at night or distracts productivity from the noise. All air conditioning systems have the operating noise level specifications. Listed on the box or manual. A Quiet air conditioner operates at a maximum of 60dB.




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